Big Fights Round 20

Depeche Mode – Big Fights Round 20 (2010) The Mashup Collection

Big Fights Round 20 (2010)?
Year: 2010
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 12
01.Depeche Mode vs Kim WildeDiabolo (K6 Extended Personal Remix) (Personal Jesus)06:37
02.Depeche ModePhotographic Halo (Halo, Photographic)05:48
03.Depeche Mode vs DeleriumI Feel Silence (I Feel Loved)04:47
04.Depeche Mode vs Nirvana vs Marvin GayeOnly When I Heard it Through The Kurt (Only When I Lose Myself)02:59
05.Depeche Mode vs TocadiscoPain Protection (Strangelove)08:05
06.Depeche Mode vs AndainHere Is the House Of Andain (Here Is The House)04:50
07.Depeche Mode vs Brain BashersJust Can’t Get Up and Dance (Just Can’t Get Enough)04:52
08.Depeche Mode vs VNV NationDream Saviour (Dream On)06:59
09.Depeche Mode vs Taylor SwiftEnjoy the Good Love Story (Enjoy the Silence)04:08
10.Depeche Mode vs MGMTEvery Kids Count (Everything Counts)05:03
11.Depeche Mode vs PlaidFlies On A Plaid Coat (Fly on the Windscreen)04:38
12.Depeche Mode vs Rev TheoryThe Voices in Me (The Sinner in Me)02:09boton

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