Big Fights Round 24

Depeche Mode – Big Fights Round 24 (2011) The Mashup Collection

Big Fights Round 24 (2011)
Year: 2011
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 12
01. Depeche Mode vs New Order The Moon Round Enough (Just Can’t Get Enough0 03:07
02. Depeche Mode vs Disturbed Down With The Precious Sickness (Precious) 03:02
03. Depeche Mode vs Rihanna vs Massive Attack Stripped Love Life (Stripped) 05:35
04. Depeche Mode vs Eric Prydz Enjoy The Pjanoo (Enjoy The Silence) 07:25
05. Depeche Mode vs Cirez D. Photographic On Off (Remake) (Photographic) 09:07
06. Depeche Mode vs Ezio Mariani Route 66 (fADEiNN MushUp) 06:33
07. Depeche Mode vs Donna Summer I Feel Loved (Milky Max Remix) 06:02
08. Depeche Mode vs Nari & Milani Only When I Lose My Gnuk (Only When I Lose Myself) 06:40
09. Depeche Mode vs Cellec vs Ersa Peace Traveller (Peace) 07:45
10. Depeche Mode vs Fedde Le Grand Behind The Wheel (DJ Arkady Van Sky ElectroTrance Mashup Mix) 04:33
11. Depeche Mode vs Mylene Farmer Everything M’Effondre (Everything Counts) 03:54
12. Depeche Mode vs Madonna Devil Is Our Personal Jesus (Personal Jesus) 03:37

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