Big Fights Round 37

Depeche Mode – Big Fights Round 37 (2012) The Mashup Collection

Big Fights Round 37 (2012)
Year: 2012
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 12
01. Depeche Mode vs Michael Calfan Resurrection Of The Silence (Enjoy The Silence) 05:10
02. Depeche Mode vs Daniel Portman Termulator No Good (It’s No Good) 05:58
03. Depeche Mode vs Alex Metric & Steve Angello Open Your Personal Eyes Jesus (Personal Jesus) 07:44
04. Depeche Mode A Question Of Stripped (Stripped, A Question Of Lust) 06:22
05. Depeche Mode vs Atticus Ross vs Madonna Panoramic Clean (Clean) 05:38
06. Depeche Mode vs Bloc Party Banquet For Lilian (Lilian) 03:19
07. Depeche Mode vs Queen Just Can’t Break Free (Just Can’t Get Enough) 03:50
08. Depeche Mode vs Hopkins Middleton Enjoy The Venus (Enjoy The Silence) 07:35
09. Depeche Mode vs VCMG Windup Robot Behind The Wheel (Behind The Wheel, Windup Robot) 06:01
10. Depeche Mode vs Trent Cantrelle Night Like This Personal Jesus (Personal Jesus) 06:21
11. Depeche Mode vs Shakira feat. Fugees Precious Hips (Precious) 04:15
12. Depeche Mode vs PandR Condemnation Story (Condemnation) 03:17

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